During the JEF festival a lot of awards and prizes are handed out in various competitions. There are four competitions, where the jury's chose their favorite.  

  • Professional competition
  • Audience competition
  • Student competition
  • JEF makers competition (will be organized on the 27th of june)

The winners will receive a JEF award and various money prizes and productional support, with the help of TENTOO, Camalot, Option Media, Sabam for Culture and PlayRight+.$

Palmares 2021

Professional jury (ECFA Jury):

General statement of the jury: “Collaborating on this festival has been a very inspiring, educational and fun experience for us as an international jury. We have learned from each other and shared good times while discussing the films in the selection. We very much enjoyed the short films and short documentaries this year. They expressed a high quality and ambition. We find JEF a very valuable festival, because film and cinema are very important for a child’s development and high quality films should be continued to be made and be seen by children all over the world and in all kinds of societies. We are also very happy that the three winners of the festival were made by female directors. This choice was not made on purpose, but based solely on the makers’ merits. The films were of high quality and made use of three very different ways of storytelling. They were poetical, visually strong and thought-provoking and should be seen by a wide audience. These films also deal with relevant and timeless topics. But most importantly, these are films that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, which is a characteristic for very good films!”

• Best feature film: When Hitler stole pink rabbit by Caroline Link (Germany, Switzerland, 2019)

"European countries are all migrant societies, and therefore every new generation needs to see stories about life as a refugee. Some stories are never too old or outdated to be told, unfortunately you could say. We all need to face and learn from our common history. The film has a high production value, non-stereotypical parent characters, and a vibrant main character. Freedom of speech is also a key topic in the film, which adds to its value."

• Best short film: Howling by Laura Van Haecke (Belgium, 2020)

"For its beautiful poeticism and its intelligent use of magical realism. The cinematography of this short film manages to visually express the inner world of the main character, through innovative ways of filming, with artistic ambitions. HOWLING is a subtle yet intense experience of childhood."

• Best documentary: Girlsboysmix by Lara Aerts (the Netherlands, 2020)

The short docs selection was a really great experience for the jury. The different regards of such a mix of important themes as mental illness, grief and the connection between brothers, friends and even with yourself, made this a very rich cinema experience. The winner is a spontaneous film that strongly connects us to the main character - we wish everyone’s childhood could be as happy as Wen Long’s."

Children's jury

• Best feature film: Triple trouble by Marta Karwowska (Poland, 2020)

"As the winning feature film, the children's jury chose a story full of action and adventure. A film that fascinated us from the very start, thus dragging us into the story. The protagonists had to deal with friendship and love, which they each did in their own way. Together they set out on a mission with only one goal ....”

• Best short film : The kicksled choir by Torfinn Iversen (Norway, 2020)

"As the winning short film, the children’s jury decided to award a story of all times, that nowadays is more relevant than ever. It is a story about dreams and about being there for others. This short film convinced the jury with its beautiful shots and the lead actor’s powerful performance. We particularly appreciated the way how the refugee problem was addressed."

• Best documentary: Ket & Doc: Yaren and the sun by Renate Raman, Joren Slaets (Belgium, 2020)

"The children's jury chose a documentary that deals with a highly sensitive theme. The sincerity with which the story was depicted touched the children's jury and made clear to them how to deal with people in a similar situation. "

• Best medialab installation: Cats & coins by Siegrfried Croes (Belgium, 2020)

JEF in the hospital jury:

• Best short film: Matilda and the spare head by Ignas Meilunas (Lithuania, 2020)


• Best short film: Howling by Laura Van Haecke (Belgium, 2020)

Student competition jury

• Sorry I don't understand by Natalie Feoktistova (Belgium, 2020)

The jury members were charmed by the quality of the short films. It was a challenge to choose between the different genres. "Sorry, I don't understand" by Natalie Feoktistova, was unanimously appointed as the winner of the competition. The animation short convinced the jury with its “apparent simplicity”.

Natalie Feoktistova brings a layered story with a masterful animation technique and an eye for detail and humor." The jury is convinced that the short film will appeal to many viewers both at home and abroad.