Children’s pitchings

Is your project kids-proof? The children’s pitchings at the JEF festival (18 February 2021) are a unique opportunity for filmmakers to check their projects with the young target audience.

During the JEF festival creators of youth content are getting face to face with their future audience. Six projects, selected by a jury of experts, are pitched for a panel of children and young people. In a friendly atmosphere, authors and filmmakers can further refine or fine-tune their story based on the panel’s feedback. Afterwards, the participating projects receive a "kids-proof" certificate.

The children's pitchings at the JEF festival are organized in collaboration with Macky, and supported by the Creative Europe Media Desk Flanders.

Children’s pitchings preselection jury

Anushka Melkonian

Anushka Melkonian (° 1994) is a radio DJ at MNM with a passion for video. In 2017, she graduated as a communication scientist at the KU Leuven and she then followed the BATAC TV training at Thomas More in Mechelen. At the same time, she started her adventure at radio station MNM. Both on radio and on social media, she mainly dives into the world of hip hop and RnB. Her highlight? Interviewing Dua Lipa. Anushka Melkonian also regularly works for TV; she collaborated on the first season of WTFock, did research for Jani gaat and Team Scheire, among others, and is now also working on her own projects. Anushka's great passion is acting, a dream she is pursuing very passionately these days.

Jan Creuwels

Jan Creuwels (° 1977) graduated from a Master Audiovisual Arts option Scenario at the RITCS, Brussels and followed the additional program Media and Communication at UGent. Since 2003, he has been working at the fiction department of DPG Media (formerly VMMa), where he is a producer, supervising and following up numerous fiction productions. He was a co-founder of the Faits Divers television movies and, as a representative of DPG Media, he is involved in the acquisition and co-production of Flemish films. Since 2016 he is also a committee member at the VAF for the short film committee.

Leonard Santos

Leonard Santos (° 1991) is a Flemish actor, singer and internet personality. He was one of the first Flemish people to unintentionally go viral with a video; his IKEA in't Oilsjters became an instant internet hit in 2017. During that period, he also participated in the singing competition The Band on VTM. His place in the final 30 earned him a guest appearance on one of Tomorrowland's stages.
With his role as Stan Frateur (the 16-year-old best friend of main character Elias) in the Ketnet series Buck, Leonard became the first Flemish Asian actor in the main cast of a Flemish series. His singing voice can be heard every day on Ketnet Junior, in the opening credits of Biba & Loeba. In his spare time, he likes to make covers of existing songs and funny videos in which he makes fun of his hometown Aalst.

Lesley De Ceulaer

Lesley De Ceulaer (° 1975) grew up in Antwerp and graduated as a social worker and criminologist. At the age of nine she became blind due to a rare eye disease, and she is currently regional president of VeBeS Antwerp (association of the blind and visually impaired). As an expert by experience, she organises activities for the blind and visually impaired people and she participates in raising awareness projects and advocacy. She strives in particular for more accessible culture, for example by means of audio description for films, TV series, plays, etc. Lesley De Ceulaer is bitten by the travel bug (with favourite destinations in South-East Asia) and loves jazz and funk.

Siegfried Moens

Siegfried Moens is a driven expert in content sales, business management and content marketing. He proved this, among others, at Sony pictures, Warner Bros and Kinepolis. He was Business manager for eleven years and Content & Acquisition manager at Telenet. Siegfried Moens now takes a new challenge as Director Programming & Production at Streamz, the new streaming platform of DPG media and Telenet.

Sven Duym

Sven Duym is an experienced media and communications professional. He graduated from the Erasmushogeschool Brussel, worked briefly as a production assistant at Woestijnvis and as a producer at STP, and he was a guest lecturer at Ritcs and UCLL. Sven Duym now has 15 years of experience at Studio 100, where he worked as creative producer and creative director on projects such as Piet Piraat, Het Zwaard van Zilvertand, Mega Mindy and Plop en de Kabouterbaby.

Uwi Van Hauwermeiren

Uwi Van Hauwermeiren (° 1991) is a spokesperson for Wel Jong Niet Hetero who talks very openly about sexuality and gender identity and who regularly launches messages in the queer community about the importance of being able to be yourself. Uwi Van Hauwermeiren is non-binary and pays a lot of attention to inclusiveness, intersectional thinking and acting, the importance of representing minorities and how minorities should not be tokens.

Yemi Oduwale

Yemi Oduwale (° 1986) is a Flemish actor. He graduated in 2010 as an actor and theatre maker at the KASK in Ghent. Since then, he has been active on screen and on stage in numerous productions. He appeared in, among others, Thuis and Dertigers on Eén and in the series Brak from Charlie Dewulf and Joke De Bruyn on Vtm Go. Yemi Oduwale also likes to experiment with other media. In 2014, for example, he made the documentary Worthy of the Crown in collaboration with Vranckx and The Redhorse Collective, in which he travels to Nigeria to visit his sick grandfather and investigate the title hype there.