JEF makers competition

JEF makers competition

The awards in the JEF makers competition are awarded by a specially composed jury of film-makers and by the audience. The awards are handed out during the JEF makers day.

Best JEF makers films

  • A JEF award designed by Ronny & Johnny for the best three films.

JEF makersjury

Kato De Boeck (BE)

Kato De Boeck is a Belgian scripwriter and film director who graduated in 2018 at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound.

Born in 1994, she grew up in a small town near Brussels, where she found her passion during drama classes: storytelling.

Fascinated by human relations and cinéma-vérité, she finished her master program in film directing with her autobiographical graduation film Provence.

Remy M Ndow (BE)

Remy M Ndow is a Art Director and Animation director based in Antwerp. From a young age he has been fascinated by everything that's creative. Such as music, video clips, graphic design, film and so on. The experience he gained in these fields is his foundation for his professional career. Here he uses a variety of styles to develop strong visual stories.  

With his focus on animation he consistently seeks out the fairy tale behind each assignment and brings this alive. This results in commercials, video clips, explainer videos, films and so on.  Among his clientele are Openluchttheater, Scarlet, Bart Peeters, Stad Gent, Sony Music Belgium, etc. At the moment Remy is transforming his one-man business into a  creditable media agency. 

Gregg Young (BE)

Gregg Young is researcher at VRT Innovation and creative producer at VRT Sandbox focussing on X Reality. Digital pioneer in audiovisual movie and television production with a focus on immersive storytelling. Lifelong learner and entrepreneur with a DIY attitude. Studied film in Ghent, Brussels and the Beijing Film Academy.