Professional competition

The awards in the professional competition will be awarded by the professional jury and the children's jury. The JEF for children in hospitals jury will award a best short film as well. 

Best feature film

  • A cash award of €2.500 (sponsored by TENTOO) for the director to support of a new project. (awarded by the professional jury)
  • The ECFA award. The film will be in the running for the ECFA award for feature film of the year. Various international film festivals for children and youngsters across Europe award an ECFA price. ECFA is short for European Children’s Film Association. All ECFA winners are in the running to receive the overall ECFA award for film of the year. The award will be presented at the Berlin International Film Festival.
  • A nomination for the Felix Vanginderhuysen distribution award.
  • A JEF award designed by Ronny & Johny.

Best documentary

  • A JEF award designed by Ronny & Johny.

Best short film

  • A cash award of €1.250 for the director to support of a new project. (awarded by the professional jury)
  • A JEF award designed by Ronny & Johny.
  • A nomination for the Felix Vanginderhuysen distribution award.

Professional jury

Bert Lesaffer (BE)

Bert Lesaffer combined studies in clinical psychology and film and moving image. After various internships at film festivals and jobs as editor and production assistant, he worked for five years at MEDIA Desk and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. In 2012 he became a teacher at KASK and programmer at KASKcinema. Meanwhile he has also written five theatre plays. In 2014, he set up the Animal Tank production house together with Brecht Van Elslande. Nowadays, his focus is mainly on scriptwriting, with a feature film and an animation series for children in development.

Frederike Migom (BE)

Frederike is a screenwriter, director and actress. She studied theater and film studies in New York and Paris, and then moved to Brussels, where she still lives. In 2013, Frederike made her first short film Malakim (2013), followed by Adam & Everything (2014) and Nkosi Coiffure (2015). The latter film was supported by the VAF, was selected in Tribeca and the BFI and won several awards. In 2017, Frederike made the short documentary Si-G, also supported by the VAF, which was released by JEF. Binti is Frederike’s first full-length film. The film was selected for Sundance 2020 and has already won 10 awards.

Rok Govednik (SL)

Rok Govednik graduated in film and cultural studies from Faculty of Social Sciences (University in Ljubljana). He is employed as the expert associate for film, animated film and photography at the School of Arts at University of Nova Gorica. He is also a lecturer of film theory and history for students, youth, teachers, and as an instructor of new film mentors; but regularly works as a mentor of film education for children and youth in cinemas, at film festivals, schools and at film camps. Govednik researches and develops different film-pedagogical approaches; he is also the director and the head of the programme of Institute for Advancement of Visual Culture VIZO, which main goal is to develop the national level of film education.

Signe Zeilich-Jensen (NL)

Signe Zeilich-Jensen has been a film consultant for the Netherlands Film Fund since 2016, focusing on children's and family films. In addition to her role as a Film Consultant, she is also a member of the advisory board of Chamber Youth / Schooltv at NTR, a Cinekidklappers committee member, external consultant for Meetings on the Bridge, the industry program of Istanbul International Film Festival, and consultant for the ARTS + program of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Zeilich-Jensen has more than twenty years of experience with children's television and film, at production companies such as BosBros, KRO (Dutch Public Broadcasting) and Nickelodeon Benelux. She was a programmer at Cinekid for seven years, where she developed Cinekid for Professionals and Kids & Docs, among others. Prior to working at the Netherlands Film Fund, she was head of the European co-production platform Holland Film Meeting at the Netherlands Film Festival for five years.