Socio-cultural organisations

Socio-cultural organisations can book the VR Cabinets of Wonder exclusively. We will visit your location with our material. Price: € 4/person. 
Every masterclass in Antwerp or Bruges is furthermore bookable for a reduced rate of € 4/person.


Information on Cabinets of Wonder: 

In our search for the essence and mystery of childhood, we found many children who touched us deeply, each in their own way: Wisdom (11) a German boy of Cameroonian heritage, Joline (12) a girl with dyslexia, Elias (14) with a diagnosis of autism and Roja (12) who fled from Iran to Germany two years ago.  All very different, they have one thing in common: they do not fit into the framework of our function-driven society and wish for a place where they can stay as long as they want and where no one tells them what to do. Either they are slower and cannot keep up at school, or they are emotionally torn between two cultures, or they are longing for friends. Meanwhile, Elias lives on his own planet with an imaginary companion, and Wisdom travels on a raft to Africa to meet the spirit of his grandfather. Joline has her own battle to fight against an army of glittering blue bugs tickling under her skin, but she manages to shake them off. In her memories, Roja crosses the sea, but this time without fear. Escaping from reality, these children get together in a secret place where no adult can set foot. In documentary observations, animated sequences and the staging of their “invented” stories - metaphors for their desires and conflicts - we immerse in the inner world of the protagonists. The additional VR experience makes their ‘cabinets of wonder’ more accessible, even for us.

The term ‘cabinets of wonder’ does not only define a collection of objects, but also the assemblage of inner landscapes in our brain or thoughts. There, you can go for a walk, look around curiously and be amazed. Astonishment, that is what it’s all about.

Maker: Expanding focus (DE), Neufilm (DE)